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Nature Information Center

NIC, With its well thought of displays and captivating models is a gateway to the real treasures of SGNP which are obviously its’ forests and the myriad life forms that live within. Exhibits here depict different aspects related to wildlife and biodiversity with a stress on the need for their conservation. The quite little garden outside is a haven for butterflies and also is developed as a display for some of our uncommon medicinal plants.

The NIC is like your road map to SGNP’s tremendous biodiversity. On the pathway to the centre, sits a model representation of the park, beautifully depicting the geographical layout and forming an actual gateway into the urban wilderness of SGNP. The centre is a mix of illustrations, models and photographs, interactive media all coming together to inspire, educate and inform, not just aspects of the biodiversity but even that which threatens it.

Playing the vital role of the educational arm of the SGNP management, the NIC organises activities like nature trails, bird-watching excursions, butterfly watch, treks and overnight camps led by experts.

NIC specialises in organising guided nature excursions into the SGNP wilderness; though prior intimation or booking helps in better arrangement of your trip

Rules and regulations for nature trails in Sanjay Gandhi National Park:

  1. It is mandatory to hire a naturalist or guide (vatadya) for exploring any of the nature trails in the park.
  2. Nature trails are to be booked only on a phone call.
  3. 2 days prior booking is essential for the trails.
  4. For booking, please call on Nature Information Center(NIC)- 022-28868686.
  5. Entry to any of the nature trails without permission from Nature Information Center(NIC)  is strictly prohibited.

Contact details:

Email: nicsgnp78@gmail.com
Contact: 022-28868686 (office)

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