All the Activities (Except Gandhi Tekdi & Kanheri Caves) are not Working On Monday & Also During lunch Time ( 1:30pm - 2:30pm)

Big Cats at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Tiger & Lion Safari:

Make your visit a memorable one as you watch the big cats at Tiger & Lion Safari from the safety and comfort of a closed vehicle.

Get upfront and close with the big cats at tiger and lion safari cages. The expansive safari cages enable the visitors to watch these big cats from the safety of a closed vehicle and in a simulated wild landscape. The wildlife interpretation centre at the ticket booking counter helps us better understand the different wild animals and their natural history better.

Adult 61.00
Child 24.00
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Boating Sanjay Gandhi National Park


Take a pedal boat

Just a stone throw away from the main gate is the idyllic artificial water body which allows one to use the pedal boats and go peddling on the scenic, refreshing lake created to facilitate just this experience.

Two Seater 36.00
Four Seater 73.00
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Gandhi Smarak Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Gandhi Tekdi:

Do visit this memorial dedicated to the ‘Father of the Nation’. Walk or drive up to here and present yourself to some beautiful vistas contrasting the forest and city around it.

Stone throw away from the main gate, the Gandhi Tekdi is a memorial dedicated to the ‘father of the nation’. Enjoy, beautiful views of the surrounding forest and the city at the same time! You can either walk or drive up to the point through the stairs and the forest road.

Mini Train Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Van Rani:

Most Popular Tourist attraction in SGNP.

Literally meaning the jungle queen, this toy train facility is one of the oldest attraction in SGNP. Go chugging along the circuitous narrow gauge, route covering the permimeter of the Gandhi Tekdi hillock.

Adult 31.00
Child 12.00
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Kanheri Caves Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Kanheri Caves:

A 2000 year old Buddhist Cave Complex

A 2,000-year-old complex sits within the park, housing more than 100 (is this correct) caves cut out of rock forming a protected archaeological site. The word ‘Kanheri’ is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Krishnagiri’, which literally means ‘black mountain’. View the magnificent relics of Buddha and the Bodhisattvas and walk along the pillared corridors of the prayer halls. One can drive, walk, take a bus ride or even cycle up to here.




All the Activities (Except Gandhi Tekdi & Kanheri Caves) are not Working On Monday & Also During lunch Time ( 1:30pm - 2:30pm)




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