Important Instructions


Keep a safe distance from animals, respect their privacy and you will be rewarded with good sightings.
Be silent…hear the animal’s talking.
Do not get down from the vehicle and walk at any point of time until the guide has asked at the designated places in the forest.
Be sensitive towards your fellow visitors. Enjoy your visit and let them enjoy.
Avoid flashing any shiny objects on animals.
Do not throw objects of any kind towards the animals.
Avoid using flash of the camera as it may disturb animals.
Carrying any kind of weapons or firearms is strictly prohibited.
Do not play music, nature has better melody to offer here. Listen to it.
Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
Carrying and throwing plastic inside the park is strictly prohibited. It might kill an animal.
Do not feed animals. They have better food in nature and can look for their own.

List of Park Offenses

SGNP is one of the most unique Protected Areas, a real tropical wilderness nestling right amidst massive urban development. It is hoped you will treat these outdoors with the same respect that you treat your home indoors. You are fortunate that you can experience this wilderness on foot, a facility not available or allowed in most National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries across India. Have a great experience, both, of the natural world as well as the specially created informative signages along the paths and paved roads as you explore this wilderness. Please follow these simple rules while you are here:





Carrying / Drinking Alcoholic Beverages and Banned Substances.

On the Spot Fine - ₹ 1000
Feeding / Teasing Wild Animals.
On the Spot Fine - ₹ 1000
Crossing Speed Limit (20 km./hr.)
On the Spot Fine - ₹ 500
Entering Prohibited Areas
Entering the park without proper ticket / Being in the park beyond time limit
On the Spot Fine - ₹ 500
On the Spot Fine - ₹ 200
Throwing Plasting
On the Spot Fine - ₹ 500
On the Spot Fine - ₹ 500
Entering in Water Bodies
On the Spot Fine - ₹ 500
Honking / Voilating Silence Zone
On the Spot Fine - ₹ 500
Bathing in Water Bodies
On the Spot Fine - ₹ 500
On the Spot Fine - ₹ 500
Rash Driving and causing danger to wildlife / Motor Driving Training on any vehicle / Carrying more passengers than prescribed limit of the vehicle
On the Spot Fine - ₹ 500
Keeping Inflammables
On the Spot Fine - ₹ 500